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November 04, 2016

Where did the idea of the nappy bag come from? How long did women have to suffer without a big enough bag to carry their baby needs AND the bottle of wine their bestie promised she’d sneak into the park with her? I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’d survive without my afternoon snack…. I mean…. umm, my nappy bag, of course! Here are the trending nappy bags we found from the 1950s to today:

1. “My Great-Aunt’s Wallpaper” 1950s Chic

What a gem! You’ve got classy and sizable all in one! I could probably fit my baby in there too if I tried. However, this 1950s nappy bag looks very heavy and uncomfortable on the shoulders. Not sure I’d be too happy carrying this one around...

2. The “Substance-Free Picnic, Fun For the Whole Family” 1960s Bag


Well, I can’t speak for all of us, but what I will say is that I would definitely feel judged carrying anything other than diapers in this bag. It’s a bit smaller, more playful, and colorful than the 1950s bag. It seems like the 1960s were more focused on the children, given such a friendly print, unlike the 50’s.

3. The “My Sofa Matches My Nappy Bag” 1970s Print

To me, this bag more resembles the 1950s bag than the 1960s one. The shape definitely looks big enough to fit everything inside, but I’ll bet that the matching sofa is more comfortable than carrying this bag all day. This print also screams, “Misery loves company-in baby form!” Hopefully the 80s will give these mothers some more endorphins.

4. The “I’m Not Sure If I’m Actually Supposed to Use This as a Bag” 1980s style 

Well this is something I have truly never come across before. Is this a bag? Is this a mat for changing babies in public? Is it a lunch box? Is it all of the above? The world may never know. Positives about this diaper bag: bright, fun colors, and it seems like it would be fairly comfortable on the shoulders. Overall, it’s probably better than the 1970s bag.

5. The “Double Trouble” 1990s Couture 

Well, your bag is covered in Looney Toons and comes with a free matching nappy changing pad also covered in Loony Toons. I guess you can’t really go wrong here? It’s fun, it’s playful, and you even got a free bonus. It seems like a pretty decent size for a nappy bag too. I’d say so far, this one is a winner. 1990s, you never fail to amaze us with such strong and unique styles.

6. “My Mum Packs Me the Same Wonder Bread Sandwich Everyday” 2000s Bag

Well, this bag looks pretty legit to me. It’s big enough, it has quite a nice pattern, and it’s probably sold at Dillards. I see this bag’s owner using it even after her children graduate high school. Bless her soul.

7. The “This Cool Bag is Really a Nappy Bag?” Hip Cub 2016

Finally! We’re back to the present! Thank God our Hip Cub nappy bags are nothing like those oldies! Hip Cub gives women a beautiful nappy bag that's also a fun tote for everyday. The straps ensure ultimate comfort on the back and shoulders, and the size and pockets will fit everything you’ll need. Check out the rest of our tote bags here!

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