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November 07, 2016

You’ve just become a new mum and you’re already learning so much about parenting. You spend most of your time with your new baby and your partner. When you’re constantly on the go and busy with your child, it can be difficult to make friends with people who don’t only speak “goo-goo, gaga.” So how do you meet other new mommies who understand what you’re going through, but can also speak happy hour?

  1. Join a Mummy & Me Class

Joining a Mummy & Me class is probably the best way to meet other new mums. Everyone in your class will have a newborn, be as vulnerable as you, and will be on the lookout for making new mum friends, too. Relate to your peers, while learning some awesome parenting tools!

  1. Read Mummy Blogs and Try to Connect With the Authors

So many mums these days blog about their lives and experiences as mothers. Reading these blogs will help you learn a lot through other people’s experiences with motherhood, but will also show you that everyone makes the same parenting mistakes. You can subscribe to these blogs, and even try to connect with the authors for advice or friendship!

  1. Connect With Other New Mummies Through Facebook Groups

Another great way to meet other mums is by joining Facebook groups for new mummies in your city. These groups can serve as an online support system, where you can express your frustration or excitement, and relate to other new mums as well. You can also create events or gatherings to meet the other moms in person, too.

  1. Go to New Parent Support Groups

New parent support groups are great and invite discussion. You’ll meet other new or veteran parents that will be able to guide you, but can also be people to hang out with when you want some adult time.

  1. Go to the Park With Your Baby

Go to the park or playground with your baby. There will surely be tons of other parents there watching their children. Meet other parents and kids that live near you. You’ll make a new friend, and your kids will, too!

  1. Join a Mummy Book Club

Are you a bookworm? If you love to read, do what you love with other mummies as well! Read parenting books, mummy-related books, or any other books you enjoy together. You’ll get to know other mummies and each other’s unique parenting styles!

  1. Go to Baby Stores

Your child is always going to need a new onesie, bottle, or baby toys. Shop at a baby store, where surely other parents will be around to buy stuff for their own kids too. This can really be a great way to interact with other parents, and find out which products work best!

  1. Join a Meet Up

Make an account on MeetUp.com and either join or create a mummy-themed meet-up! You can create events or groups that meet once a week. You’re definitely not the only mom who wants to make more mommy-friends. Take the initiative to start your own group!

  1. Ask Someone You Know to Connect You

If you have at least one mummy friend, or maybe even just a friend who knows another mom, ask them to connect you with their friends. Networking with the people you already know is a useful tool to help you meet new people.

  1. Join Hip Cub’s Online Communities

Join our community pages on Facebook and Instagram. Interact with other mummies who subscribe to us! You’ll also be able to bond over your love for our fabulous nappy bags!

So go forth, and make new mummy friends!

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