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November 10, 2016

Any mum will tell you that having one baby, despite all of the amazing, beautiful, and even funny moments, is pretty hard! But having baby number two is a whole other story. So we wanted to share with you on what we found are the hardest parts and also the best parts of having baby number two:

Let's get the hard parts out of the way...

Nothing can prepare you. Anyone in the world can tell you all the things you’ll feel – more stressed, more mess, more tired, busier. But until you’re there in the moment with an infant and a toddler both crying for your care and attention, you won’t truly realise how tiring it will be. With that being said, be prepared to ask for help. Whether it be your partner, your relative, a friend, or a neighbor, having people around you to even do the smallest things for you can make a big difference.

Baby's nap time is no longer Mummy’s alone time: Ahhh, remember those lovely joyous hours when the baby napped and you got to catch up on emails, your fave TV shows, clean the house, close your eyes? Be prepared to make this time your older child’s time. And it’s not really a bad thing… more time with your older child without the baby around will help your relationship grow. It’s important to give the other child their alone time with you, as well. After all, they’ll still need help, a playmate, and a loving parent to pay attention to them.

Say bye-bye to sleep: If you thought having one kid and waking up every two hours to nurse was hard, forget the sleep with two. Most toddlers wake up at the crack of dawn with more energy than you’ve ever had in your lifetime. Just remember, that one day the little monsters will grow up and have a normalized sleep schedule and you’ll be missing those early mornings when both children needed you at all hours of the day.

Now for the best parts...

Your Older Child: How special is it to watch your first born be the older sibling to your new baby! You get to see them grow as a human, learn a little bit of patience, kindness, and even responsibility. Your older child will no doubt be excited to help you out and even play with the baby while you go run into the other room quickly! Even better, bonding with your older child while the baby sleeps or is with a sitter will make your relationship that much stronger and special.

  The Registry is a piece of cake: Do you remember the first time you went to that giant baby superstore to register for your first baby? And you basically left in tears and overwhelming anxiety? Well having a baby the second time around means you know exactly what you need and don’t need. You know what to do differently and you’re basically that superstore’s best customer now! Make way for this mumma!

Going to the hospital is no big deal: Oh, having a baby? Been there, done that. As special as each birth is, it’s so much easier to go into the hospital knowing, for the most part, what to expect. You know what to expect after the birth. And you're much more calm and relaxed than you were when you were a first time mother. Another great thing? You know exactly what to pack in that hospital bag! Did you know our Hipcub nappy bags are the perfect sized hospital bags as well? You'll leave there already having nappies, bottles, extra onesies, ready to go!


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